Currently wishing Lewis would fall back asleep instead of just resting in my arms.

He’s being snuggly and adorable, but being asleep would be extra cute.

I am just sitting here fantasizing about him sleeping through the night. What a nice thing to think about. Maybe it will happen someday soon.

Since I’m 100% well now, today we finally got to go and meet our new nephew who was born on leap day!

Snuggling a newborn baby can make any bad day into a good day. But I was already having a good day, despite last night’s lack of sleep, so imagine how happy my heart is after snuggling the little nugget this evening!!!

He’s precious and perfect and an exact copy of my brother-in-law. He’s so little too – Lewis was never that small on the outside of my belly – and that just makes him even yummier.

LUCKY ME! I am next up on the meal train, so I get to go back for more snuggles tomorrow! I could just snuggle newborns all day. Is that a job? I want it. I’d be good at it.