Some days I think I want to have another baby ASAP.

Other days I just want a nap and some m&m’s for breakfast.

No more babies until Lewis sleeps through the night consistently. That’s my rule. That, and I must be finished breastfeeding before I get pregnant again. I feel very good about these rules.

Okay… back to my m&m’s.

Not a good night of sleep. At some point we were so tired that we just gave up and brought kiddo to our bed so we could at least lay down, even if we didn’t get to sleep. Eventually, he fell asleep. And now he is adorable and I have to wake him up to take him to school. Seems cruel for everyone involved.

Lewis and I had a very social weekend. Kyle had warned me long in advance that he’d be busy all weekend with various things, so I knew I’d have to occupy myself or risk going stir crazy.

I love Lewis so much… but when I have no adult interaction all day, I can sometimes feel really lonely, and sometimes I can even get resentful of Kyle. I wanted to avoid that this weekend.

And avoid it I did! We met up with the two moms, visited with the new baby and his awesome family (both days!), went grocery shopping, had my mom and a family friend over, cooked, and visited at Kyle’s mom’s house.

It was so nice. I am so tired after all that and two rough nights of sleep, but it was well worth it. And miraculously, Lewis didn’t miss a single nap all weekend! We did everything between naps. I feel very clever for managing that. 🙂