I bought some baby ibuprofen today on my lunch break. Up until now, we’ve only ever tried Tylenol. It had been working, so I didn’t really see any point in branching out.

Well, people. Let’s try branching out, shall we?

I should have bought some toothpicks, too. You know… to keep my eyes open.

We’ve had enough bad nights in a row now that I’m starting to get used to it. When it comes to surviving a baby’s sleep schedule, I feel like consistency really helps.

If he is sleeping consistently well, that is obviously great. But I can kind of work with consistent poor sleep too. That way my body can at least acclimate and understand that “this is the baseline”.

So I’m super tired, but I’m operational. Because we’ve now got a low baseline. No more being tossed back and forth between “enough sleep” and “not enough sleep”, which confuses my body endlessly. Just “not enough sleep” in our house.

Of course, I say that I’m operational, but I definitely slept through my alarm going off for 20 minutes this morning. So maybe I’m not as operational as I think I am. Haha!

And I haven’t been to the gym in over a week because I was sick, and then Lewis stopped sleeping and I’ve just been a mess.

Yea… probably not as operational as I think. Oh well. My heart is beating, so all is well.

My baby boy is 11 months old today! I don’t even know what to say. One month from now he will be a year old. He is less and less a baby every day, and more like a toddler. My heart hurts and swells with pride at the same time.