Exhaustion is making my world look bleak today. I am going to stave off the blues with some self-cheerleading.

  • I went to the gym yesterday even though I was so tired I wanted to cry.
  • There was enough leftover dinner that Kyle and I were both able to bring our lunches to work today (saving money! yea!)
  • I got us on the waitlist for a daycare closer to our house which only costs $6 more a month compared to what we currently pay.

That’s it. That’s all the “hooray” I’ve got in the tank today.

Ibuprofen instead of Tylenol seems to have made approximately zero difference.

Oh well. It was worth a try.

I want him to get tubes. I feel like he is suffering. On Monday we go in for the deciding check, and then hopefully we’ll be moving on to the ENT. Please, please let tubes be the solution to help my poor baby.

Lewis was super clingy this evening, which meant my plan to cook dinner went out the window. I had to hold him, or else he screamed endlessly. Kyle wouldn’t cut it. I was the only choice.

Kyle is somewhat clueless in the kitchen. He’s got a few signature dishes down, but he doesn’t have all of the basic kitchen skills in the bag. And he certainly didn’t know what I had planned to cook.

But seeing the situation with Lewis, he volunteered to cook the meal I had planned. He just asked me to stand in the kitchen with him and provide instructions so he didn’t miss anything.

A wonderful solution.

Dinner turned out delicious. We had a nice time in the kitchen together, and we ate standing around the island while I held Lewis. Because, of course, I wasn’t allowed to sit down (thanks, kiddo). But that’s ok, because we had a home cooked dinner that we ate together, and that’s what matters.

The evening could have been a frustrating disaster, but Kyle made it work. I can’t do it all, but that doesn’t mean it all can’t happen! Yay teamwork!