Lewis was super clingy this evening, which meant my plan to cook dinner went out the window. I had to hold him, or else he screamed endlessly. Kyle wouldn’t cut it. I was the only choice.

Kyle is somewhat clueless in the kitchen. He’s got a few signature dishes down, but he doesn’t have all of the basic kitchen skills in the bag. And he certainly didn’t know what I had planned to cook.

But seeing the situation with Lewis, he volunteered to cook the meal I had planned. He just asked me to stand in the kitchen with him and provide instructions so he didn’t miss anything.

A wonderful solution.

Dinner turned out delicious. We had a nice time in the kitchen together, and we ate standing around the island while I held Lewis. Because, of course, I wasn’t allowed to sit down (thanks, kiddo). But that’s ok, because we had a home cooked dinner that we ate together, and that’s what matters.

The evening could have been a frustrating disaster, but Kyle made it work. I can’t do it all, but that doesn’t mean it all can’t happen! Yay teamwork!

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