My sweet baby ate like a pig last night for dinner, and I’m still proud hours later in the middle of the night.

When we got home in the evening, he breastfed a full meal, and then immediately following that he had 2 handfuls of cheerios, 5 raspberries, a handful of baby “puffs”, a handful of yogurt drops, some bread from my dinner, and half a pouch of baby food.

Then about 1 hr later it was bedtime and he breastfed another full meal! He is getting so good at eating solids of a variety of textures. He is capable of taking in enough calories in a sitting to skip a breastfeed if we wanted to. So grown up!

And he also rarely falls asleep at the breast anymore. I still always feed him before bed, but there is always time between finishing his meal and falling asleep. That feels significant because breastfeeding doesn’t act as a sleep crutch anymore.

All signs point towards preparing for weaning. I’m glad it seems like we are going to make it to the point where the transition away from breastfeeding feels like a natural shift to the next steps instead of an abrupt switch to breastmilk replacement. I can wrap my mind around the natural shift because it is clearly comfortable for Lewis as he develops and matures. Nothing forced about it so far. Phew!

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