Kiddo took his first step today!!!!!!

We went over to Kyle’s sister’s house to hang with the brand new cousin and crew (and to bring emergency goldfish crackers for older cousin!), and Lewis seemed inspired by his older cousin jumping around. So he just let go of Kyle’s hands and took a step!!!!

He did it twice. Just one step each time. So amazing.

(How he has the energy for such milestones after last night is beyond me. But… good for him!)

After last night’s sleep disaster, Kyle and I got up with kiddo and rocked out in the kitchen.

He emptied and loaded the dishwasher, took out the recycling and vacuumed.

I made homemade breakfast casserole, hand washed dishes, and fed the baby.

We feel very accomplished and have given sleep deprivation the finger. Bonus – That all took long enough that it is now nap time for Lewis, god willing.

And then it will be nap time for me, too.

He’s sleeping in less than 2 hr stretches. Although the last stretch might as well have been under an hour, since the time changed.

He sleeps for 90 minutes, then he is awake for 60. Rinse and repeat. I am so tired.

It’s only just after midnight and I’m already up for the second time tonight.

In 1.5 hrs daylight savings time steals an hour from this already sleep deprived mama.

I wish I could do something about the sleep thing. I wish I could help Lewis to not wake up.

I’m so tired, and the sleep deprivation is ruling my life. I have nothing interesting to offer the world anymore because my life revolves around trying to get enough sleep.