On 4th outfit of the day at 1pm. Vomiting, peeing through diapers (at least he’s hydrated?), and food mishaps abound.

Even on tylenol, kiddo’s fever doesn’t completely go away. Probably good so his little body can fight this off. But the Tylenol does seem to be helping him feel somewhat better, taking away whatever pain he is feeling.

It’s so tough not knowing what afflicts him. I wish he could tell me. Poor angel.

Kyle got him to sleep after a half hour or so. He also fell asleep in the chair, so they snuggled for a couple hours before Kyle put him down and came to bed.

I’m glad they got some snuggles in, because it turns out Lewis is sick. I took his temp last night because I thought illness could be a possible explanation for the sleeplessness, but he had had ibuprofen so if he was feverish, we didn’t know. But this morning after sleeping 7.5 hrs (!!!!), he has a 102° fever.

Sweet boy. Poor thing. Good thing we have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon anyway. And now I’m 99% sure he’s got another ear infection.

It’s been over 4 hrs now. Kyle is currently giving it a shot. I can count the number of times Kyle has gotten Lewis to sleep on one hand.

2 reasons: no boobs, and Lewis thinks Kyle’s sole purpose in life is to be his playmate. Not really helpful for sleep efforts.

But I’ve tried everything. More than once. So…. best of luck to my sweet husband. I hope he succeeds. If not, I’ll have to try again.

I literally can’t get my child to sleep. I have been trying for 2.5 hrs now.

I feel like a rotten mother for being so mad at him. But I am really mad. I can’t help it.

His needs always come before mine… but at some point my needs also must be met. I have nothing left in my mommy gas tank. I need to sleep.

He is 11 months old. And he sleeps 100x worse than he did when he was a newborn. I just feel like it shouldn’t be bad like this almost every night. I can’t freaking take it.

It isn’t even 9pm and Lewis has already woken up twice tonight.

In the past 24 hours I have rocked him to sleep probably 13 times, if my count is correct. This is not normal. Not for anyone, but most importantly not for Lewis. He can sleep well. I know he can because he HAS.

I don’t know what we’ll do if he doesn’t need ear tubes. I have no idea how else to solve this problem, and I don’t know how much longer I can live like this.

I think we’ve got another tooth! But in a most unexpected location.

He has the middle teeth on top and bottom, and then he got the top right-of-middle tooth, so we were expecting the top left-of-middle to be next.

Lewis has decided he wanted to be alternative, and instead we have the BOTTOM right-of-middle tooth. His mouth is very lopsided!

And because we didn’t expect one in that location, we didn’t even check down there and didn’t know it was coming. Maybe that explains the rotten sleep, even though he was on tylenol and ibuprofen.

His ear follow up is tomorrow, so that will rule ear pain either out or in. I’m eager to find out what the doc has to say. It has been a long two weeks since the last check in.