Sweet boy’s fever seems to have broken. 🙂

It spiked to its highest point yesterday afternoon (102.3°), and after some ibuprofen it went down. It never came back.

By the way…. NO MORE IBUPROFEN. I figured it out. That shit makes him crazy hyper. Explains a lot of the sleep problems the past few days. We’ll stick to tylenol, thank you very much.

Although hopefully now we won’t need it for a while. No fever. No ear infection. I *think* his new tooth has come through (although he won’t let me check! Just blows raspberries at me when I try to gain access!). So hopefully that means no more need for tylenol for a while.

A dear family friend died today. We felt like it was coming because she was fighting a very aggressive cancer, but boy did it happen faster than we were prepared for.

Kind of a shock to the system. I cried so hard I scared Lewis.

She was a wonderful, kind, funny, quirky, spirited woman. She was my mom’s best friend, and she is part of many of my childhood memories. I’ll never forget her dancing at my mom’s wedding, I’ll miss her funky handwriting on cards at holidays, I can hear her wild laugh in my head anytime I think of her, and Christmas won’t be the same without her chex mix.

Tough day. Really, truly rotten.