Other than the constant confusion with Lewis’ inconsistent sleep (last night was pretty good!), life keeps on trucking along without much drama.

This weekend we prioritized doing things, getting out, and being social (mostly with family) over household chores. The result is that I’m not sure where my countertops have gone (are they under the pile of dishes? I’m not convinced), and our clean laundry resides in the hampers, waiting to fuflill its destiny and return to our shelves – hopefully folded – while our dirty laundry lays in piles in various locations throughout the house.

Oh… and the Cheerios kiddo has strewn about are mostly smashed into powder by oblivious parents who forgot to pick them up (and also forgot to look down while walking). Ah… and my prescription did not get called in, so we’re under some pressure to hit the pharmacy today.


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