Today Kyle and I took a day off of work together. Lewis went to daycare and we got stuff done around the house. We also enjoyed lunch out and visited Kyle’s sister and the new baby.

It dawned on us the other day that Kyle and I could combine my office and his man cave and free up a whole room downstairs. Genius!

The pictures here are what used to be my office, which we have turned into a play room for Lewis. The other pictures are of what used to be Kyle’s man cave, but which is now the dual purpose “office cave”. Kyle has his space to play video games and zone out, and I have my space to work from home and sew if I ever find the time. We hope to add a lot of fun things to Lewis’ playroom soon, like a teepee and a tunnel and some shelves.

(Please ignore the items on the windowsill. We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our new pantry)

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