Lewis now officially has 7 teeth. His 4th top tooth popped through over night, and he has 3 on the bottom. We still suspect a molar starting to sneak up, but we can’t confirm as we see no physical signs other than Lewis chewing on things really far back in his mouth.

I love his toothy grin. I remember feeling a little sad about him getting teeth because I didn’t want to lose the face/smile I knew. But now that the teeth are here, boy is he cute. He has a gap between his front teeth, and it is probably the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen.

But I’m biased…. you know, as his mother.

I spent most of the day yesterday mad at him for being a pill, and here I am back at work today missing him and daydreaming about his funny smile. Being a parent is an exercise in extremes!

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