Some days are hard. Today was extra hard.

But it was also lovely because I have such a wonderful, supportive family. I want to put the tough parts behind me and focus on the lovely parts.

Like my husband who whisked the kiddo away on a drive when he wouldn’t nap.

And my brother who had some very wise words that I’ll never forget.

And my mom who gave suggestions but wasn’t pushy, and also just said it was OK to feel upset.

And my step-dad who is unwavering in his stance about me being a good mom.

And my dad who wasn’t even there but somehow knew he needed to send a sentimental, supportive text out of the blue, completely unprompted.

And my baby, who was the cause of the hard parts, but also some very lovely parts. He ate almost a whole banana today, tried smoked salmon, loved the lamb and the feta tart at dinner, and took so many steps with such joy and pride this evening.

It’s a good life, full of good people. And the hard parts aren’t the whole story. Or as my brother said, “sometimes you can’t see the whole story because you’re staring at one page”. Something to work on.

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