Lewis bit a kid at daycare yesterday.

My child bit another child.

I’m mortified.

The cause is either a) teething, or b) frustration about sharing toys.

So daycare has been given instructions today to give him Tylenol immediately if he bites someone again. That should take care of Possible Cause A.

And for Possible Cause B – last night Kyle spent some time in Lewis’ playroom practicing “sharing”. Essentially, Kyle held onto a toy and when Lewis tried to grab it, Kyle didn’t let him have it and talked to him about sharing and how it was “daddy’s turn” to hold the xylophone mallet. Lewis did not try to bite Kyle, so… that was good.

We’re pretty sure Lewis has no comprehension of the intended lesson at this point. But when he is finally old enough to understand sharing, the concept will be familiar because it has always been talked about. Then maybe we won’t have a serial frustration-induced biter.

Worth a shot, anyway.

No matter what – even if he does turn into a serial biter – there will be no biting without consequences in our family!

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