We went out for dinner for husband’s birthday yesterday, and despite being out until over an hour past kiddo’s bedtime, we had a wonderful time. (Could have been the later-than-normal nap that kept disaster at bay)

Child dressed in his bow tie for the occasion.

We went with Kyle’s mother and stepfather, and it was very lovely. Kyle’s mom loves her grandkids so much, and she and Lewis had a great time together playing games with the food and laughing.

At the end of the evening, she let Lewis try some of Kyle’s birthday dessert. I thought about asking her not to, but in the end I allowed two bites of ice cream. Lewis reacted adorably. At first he was upset because it was cold, then he was very happy (for obvious reasons). And the sugar rush was immediate and hilarious.

After we made it home, kiddo went to sleep very easily. And other than a brief wake-up about 2 hours later, he slept all night. Good sleep seems to be the new norm. Hooray!

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