Today I am super glad my hair has grown long enough that I can put it up in a ponytail. Because I definitely needed to stay in bed this morning more than I needed a shower.

On top of the wakefulness of last night, my cough seems to be getting worse instead of better. Kiddo and husband have been coughing for over a week, and I started a few days after them… so I guess I should have expected it. But I wish we’d all get past this!!

Kiddo sounds terrible when he breathes and he is a cough-machine.

Husband can’t help with middle-of-the-night duties because he can’t control his cough (a superpower of mine) and keeps kiddo up.

And I think I strained a muscle in my stomach coughing so hard.

I’m trying to be positive – with the weather improving (so warm!!!), maybe this will be our last round of illness this season. Isn’t that a lovely thought?!

Having one of those nights. Lewis has been up for 3 hours and counting.

Not sure why this happens some nights, but not others.

Very glad it is less frequent now, but it is still very frustrating when it does happen.