I just witnessed the child stand up without something to pull himself up on and then casually walk across the room.

Like it was no big deal.

I mean… he does these things separately, and when prompted. But the combo unprompted? Yea… that was new.

He was so nonchalant about it that I think he was annoyed that I clapped and said good job from the other room. Like, “ugh. Mom. Leave me alone. I’m playing and your cheering is interrupting.”

I took a break tonight and Kyle flew solo with kiddo for an hour…. and it was the first guilt free break I’ve taken since Lewis was born!!!

I finally did it. I somehow figured out how to let myself drift away from responsibility for an hour without feeling bad about it. The cause-less guilt we mothers carry around is so heavy, and no one puts it on us but ourselves.

For me, it is a physical feeling. Even if I am not giving it any conscious attention, I can feel it at all times – That tugging, burning, tense feeling in my chest and throat.

I wish I were more successful at pushing it aside more often, but I’ll take this victory. I didn’t feel it for a whole hour today. Go me!!!

Sinus infection, probably. Doc said they’re hard to diagnose with certainty, but he was pretty sure.

He recommended at home remedies and antibiotics. I am allergic to penicillin, and all other good alternatives for sinus infections are off limits due to breastfeeding, so he put me on his third choice.

…forgive me if I didn’t feel optimistic.

BUT! I am already feeling better 8 hrs later. Medicine is amazing.

And I plan to take a bath with a warm compress on my face and do some nose spray to try to scoot the rest of the nasty out of my face. I should be good as new before you know it!