Remember my identity crisis? The one where I was trying to figure out how to change something in my life so it works better for me/the mom I want to be? Well, the struggle is still ongoing. But today I think I had a breakthrough.

I swing back and forth between feeling absolutely desperate to change something major (like my job), and feeling like my current life situation (especially the job portion) is so flexible and accommodating that I am just plain grateful.

And of course, I have in-between days where I manage to avoid the extremes and just contemplate trying a new hobby or making a new friend instead of tipping my world upside down…

But back to today. I wrote a blog entry for work. This is something I’ve done on occasion over the years, but it had been a while. I also wrote content for an informational flyer for our sales team to use. Essentially, I spent the whole day writing.

The breakthrough: I love to write. This blog has been a wonderful personal outlet for that part of me, but it was sure nice to spend the day writing on a professional level as well. If I could switch things up, I think I’d want to find a way to earn money as a writer.

The catch? I have no official credentials. And my professional writing experience is limited.

So we’ll keep the professional status quo for now, since there isn’t anything wrong with what I’m doing, and I basically enjoy it most days. For now, I’ll keep contemplating other, smaller ways to change my life for the better. But I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for opportunities to write for a living.

I feel very satisfied having understood myself a little more deeply today. Even if I never get to pursue writing professionally, I know myself better today than I did yesterday. And that’s pretty cool.

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