I’m going to jinx it by writing this… but we’re coming up on a month straight of sleeping through the night. With the exception of a small handful of nights with 1 waking (sometimes extended), kiddo is sleeping for 10 hrs in a row most days.

Everyone always says “it won’t last forever”, but when you’re sleep deprived and frustrated, it really feels like the sleep deprivation will last forever. There’s a reason so many people say that, though… it’s because it’s true!

And we made it… Lewis has really turned a corner and I could not be more grateful.

Because he does still have occasional difficult nights, I still haven’t reached the point where I fully trust it. I still put myself to bed asap after getting him down, out of fear of how little sleep I would get if he were to wake up. I’m hoping that soon I’ll have some more faith in him so I can, I don’t know, watch a basketball game? But those end at 9:30 usually… and that’s pushing it. Haha!


My little vampire has been biting like crazy at school. He bites 1-3 kids per day out of frustration over sharing toys.


The daycare people are working on it. And eventually he’ll be old enough to understand that it isn’t okay. But for now, I just feel reaaaaaaally bad for the other kids (and their parents!).

I wish there was more we could do!

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