I’m going to jinx it by writing this… but we’re coming up on a month straight of sleeping through the night. With the exception of a small handful of nights with 1 waking (sometimes extended), kiddo is sleeping for 10 hrs in a row most days.

Everyone always says “it won’t last forever”, but when you’re sleep deprived and frustrated, it really feels like the sleep deprivation will last forever. There’s a reason so many people say that, though… it’s because it’s true!

And we made it… Lewis has really turned a corner and I could not be more grateful.

Because he does still have occasional difficult nights, I still haven’t reached the point where I fully trust it. I still put myself to bed asap after getting him down, out of fear of how little sleep I would get if he were to wake up. I’m hoping that soon I’ll have some more faith in him so I can, I don’t know, watch a basketball game? But those end at 9:30 usually… and that’s pushing it. Haha!

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