Today Lewis learned to say “bow wow” like a dog, and tried to put his shoes on by himself. He’s growing up so fast, I have to remind myself to savor the moments when he still needs me. Nap time is here, and he’s still my baby right now.



Oh my. Lewis has woken up not once, but twice tonight. Very sad boy both times. This is so unusual lately!!

This time I gave him tylenol, and a fresh diaper since he was already soaking wet (At least I know he’s hydrated!!!).

I’m wondering if he’s finally teething again. He has had 7 teeth for ages, and it has to happen again eventually. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for tooth #8 after this semi-rough night. Seems like a likely culprit!

The past few days of trying to fatten the kid up by getting him to eat things he doesn’t really like and can’t chew well enough to eat large enough quantities have gone so-so.

I feel like all we do is sit around trying to get him to eat or drink more milk. It’s quite a chore.

He is still breastfeeding great, so I’ve been offering him both breasts at our reduced schedule instead of one at a time. I think I’m going to have to do that because he just won’t drink more than an ounce or two of anything out of a cup, even though he does seem to enjoy the milk. He just loses interest.

I’m a vegetarian (or technically a pescetarian), but I believe that humans were made to eat meat, and for that reason children probably need it in order to grow and thrive. Therefore my kids will all be offered meat, and if they decide they’d like to be vegetarians someday, that’s OK. But until they’re old enough to make that decision and understand the deficiencies such a choice can cause (and therefore can thoughtfully substitute), they will be offered everything under the sun.

HOWEVER. I draw the line at pureed meat. Lewis can have whatever he wants, short of pureed meat. It is just too disgusting.

Kyle does not have the same boundaries as I do. So today, he put a pouch of pureed meat in the cart at the store. And because of the struggles with Lewis eating meat (he likes it, but it takes him 30 mins to get through 3 bites. It would take all day to get significant sustenance at that rate), I did not take the pouch back out. But I did tell Kyle that if Lewis was going to eat pureed meat, I sure as hell wasn’t feeding it to him.

Kyle rose to the challenge. And Lewis ate the whole damn thing for dinner. Along with half a pouch of pureed veggies, a ton of dehydrated strawberries, and an ounce of milk. Then an hour later, he had 2 boobs at bedtime.

Well shoot. Pureed meat might just be the answer. Dang. That grosses me right out.