Damn you, Old Navy

Damn you, Old Navy. You suck me in with your amazing sale prices on baby clothes, and before I know it, you have all my money.

“But it’s only $5!!!”

Yea… it’s only $5 until you buy 6 of them.

And then throw in a few
$15 items because everything else you’re getting is so cheap, “you can
splurge” on “just these few things”. And while you’re at it… maybe a
new shirt for mom, too? Or 4?

I mean, really. How many clothes does one child need?

I’m weak!

Early Morning Snuggles

This morning Lewis woke up early. Like… 5:15am early.

Zzzzzz <– me right now

But he was still pretty sleepy after I fed him, and we snuggled and rocked in the chair for about 30 minutes before going in and hanging out in the big bed with dad.

I just need to take a moment to relive the snuggles….



Ahhhh. What a way to start the day. He’s on the move so much nowadays, that even nursing him isn’t all that snuggly. It is more like a yoga session in my lap – Lewis gets lots of good poses in, and my nipples get a good stretch. So anytime he is content to just hang out in my arms or on my chest and smile at me and “chat”, I have to cherish it.