Another funny “Socialization of Lewis” story:

If you tell Lewis he did a “good job” at something, there is a 95% chance he’ll clap for himself.

This is particularly amusing when you pick him up from daycare and say things like, “you didn’t bite anyone today? Good job!!!” or “Two poops today? Good job!!!”

*clap clap clap*

That’s right, buddy. You’ve got the right idea. You do deserve a round of applause, not least from yourself. Everyone should be their own biggest cheerleader!


Lewis’ daycare teacher emailed some pictures of kiddo hanging out (aka sitting on) his best friend today. I melted from the adorable-ness, naturally.

Seeing Lewis interacting with other kids and making friends has me in such awe. It feels like a huge developmental milestone! Interaction with other people makes life what it is. The social aspect of his personality is coming out, so he’s no longer just a ball of baby-instincts… he’s a human!

The other day, I even saw him carry two balls over to another little boy at school, and hand him one of them. Then they both stood there next to each other just shaking their toys and giggling together.

I mean… COME ON. Too cute!

Also, P.S. Did you catch that? he shared a toy willingly and did not bite.

Splat… Fat!

The kid has his first fat lip. He was walking on an obstacle-free wood floor and just ate it, face first. He was very sad, but a few songs from mommy and daddy’s arrival home from work fixed him right up.