Yesterday was the long-awaited trip to the ENT. I was surprised by Kyle finding himself able to leave work and join us for the appointment. It was a relief, as I knew there would be paperwork that would be difficult to fill out while chasing a baby around the doctor’s office. Not to mention it was nice that he could hear the doctor firsthand.

Long story short, we’re not doing tubes right now. Lewis’ ears looked the same as they had at his last pediatrician appointment, which is great news! No active infection, and no increase in fluid.

The doctor said he would do tubes if we were just frustrated and done with the whole ordeal, but that felt strange to us. We didn’t feel comfortable making the decision based on our feelings instead of on medical knowledge.

When the doctor uttered the words, “if it were my kid”… we knew whatever he said next would be what we would choose. So we’re waiting to see how he does now that cold season is behind us. If he gets another ear infection before next flu season, the ENT wants to see him again. But we’re banking on him growing out of the problem before he gets another cold in the fall. The doctor called it a “conservative” approach. And we’re OK with it as long as Lewis isn’t suffering (which he is not).

The only other news from that appointment was Lewis’ weight. The ENT didn’t have a baby scale, so Lewis had to stand on a grown up scale with me sort of herding him into place. It probably wasn’t the most accurate measurement, but even if it was off by a pound, we’re in good shape! It showed 22.4 lbs!! He weighed 20.5 two weeks ago, so either the scale was way off, or we are doing something right. Considering how hard we’ve been working to get Lewis to eat enough of the right things, I’d like to take some credit.

Go team!

No fun

I just had a very revealing thought.

“Breastfeeding just really isn’t fun anymore”

This popped into my head as I was wrestling my obviously starving child into a position where he could get my nipple as well as do yoga in my lap. All while he was screaming.

I hope he can figure out how to eat enough normal food and drink enough milk soon that I can just be done. My precious little terror.

He’s Sitting Still!

Today I am grateful for these silly snack cups with the tricky lids. Hours of stationary (!!!) amusement for the kid, and controlled goldfish consumption. 👍