No Pink Eye?

Lewis woke up this morning, clear-eyed and seemingly healthy.


So off he went to daycare. If I took him to the doctor like that, they’d think I’m crazy!

“No doc. I swear. He has pink eye. You just can’t see any physical signs of it.”

He does have some seriously disgusting green snot… and absolutely no appetite. So something is up. But nothing I can see a reason to take him to the doctor for.

He completely refused the breast this morning. He did the same thing yesterday morning. I don’t know if he just doesn’t have an appetite when he first wakes up, if he is really getting sick, if teething pain makes him not want to suck, or if he is just bored with breastfeeding. But whatever it is… he did have a little bit of milk from a cup before we took off to school/work this morning.

If he is deciding he is done breastfeeding, I’ll be pretty happy about that. I’m ready to be done as well. BUT he is still not doing a good job of getting enough calories/fat/protein from cow milk and solids. If breastfeeding is taken out of the equation, we’re going to be facing a real challenge with getting him to gain weight.

For now, we just keep doing what we’re doing… which is everything we can be doing. We’re working so hard on getting the munchkin to eat and drink enough to grow. I’ll keep offering him the breast, watching to see if he shows signs of being sick, and giving him healthy, fatty, protein rich foods. And we’ll keep adjusting as we go, based on his cues and signs.

Phew. It is exhausting.

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