Today should have been a bad day, based on how it started out. A night and a morning full of screaming baby meant I was exhausted.

But I’m so full up. I got to snuggle my baby, play with my baby, and rock him to sleep every night waking, every nap, and now at bedtime.

Sure, I worked too… but I live for the days I’m home with the kid.

The final cherry on top of my happiness sundae is Lewis going to sleep without tylenol this evening, no screaming, snuggled in my arms, and seeing him smile in his sleep. He even let out a little happy giggle.

My heart is so full.

A million dollars


Kiddo took 5 hours worth of naps today. I finally had to wake him up from his second nap for fear he would sleep so late bedtime wouldn’t happen.

Needless to say, that much sleeping didn’t leave much time for eating. And when he was awake, eating went terribly.

Enter the sippy cup pictured above with my Skinny-mini. We have 10 million sippy cups. We’ve been trying so hard to figure out what the trick is with this kid. We’ve spent so much money on the search for the right sippy cups I could cry.

But I would spend a million dollars if that’s what it took to find the ones to get kiddo to drink enough to grow.

…and it kinda feels like that is what I’m doing. I just ordered two more of those cups. Bring on the weight gain!!!


Something is hurting my child. I am at a loss as to what, but he has been screaming and miserable most of his waking hours – and boy have there been a lot of those…

He’s currently snoozing in my arms after screaming for an hour straight. His second waking of the night, which is a highly unusual occurrence.

Bedtime, 1st waking, and 2nd waking all ended with tylenol, which led to the screaming stopping. He wakes up as soon as it wears off. I have not been able to bring myself to Google what the effects of daily tylenol use are on a child.

I’m not sure if I should be taking him to the doctor to try to identify the source of the pain. It could be that the molars are making their first move, which would be a silly thing to go to the doctor for. But if it was something else, I’d feel terrible for minimizing it to avoid looking dumb at the doctor’s.

I need to think on it. Maybe some sleep will bring some clarity. My poor brain is exhausted.