Something is hurting my child. I am at a loss as to what, but he has been screaming and miserable most of his waking hours – and boy have there been a lot of those…

He’s currently snoozing in my arms after screaming for an hour straight. His second waking of the night, which is a highly unusual occurrence.

Bedtime, 1st waking, and 2nd waking all ended with tylenol, which led to the screaming stopping. He wakes up as soon as it wears off. I have not been able to bring myself to Google what the effects of daily tylenol use are on a child.

I’m not sure if I should be taking him to the doctor to try to identify the source of the pain. It could be that the molars are making their first move, which would be a silly thing to go to the doctor for. But if it was something else, I’d feel terrible for minimizing it to avoid looking dumb at the doctor’s.

I need to think on it. Maybe some sleep will bring some clarity. My poor brain is exhausted.

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