Ever since Kyle’s mom performed miracles, Lewis has been eating a lot better. I think she fixed him!

With his increased appetite comes decreased anxiety for this mama. I have no idea if he has gained any weight, but there is a good chance he will soon, if he hasn’t already. The way he’s eaten this week has been very reassuring!

He has been learning to use a fork and a spoon, he has figured out all his sippy cups, and he can suck from a pouch without squeezing it everywhere. I think he’s enjoying the independence of feeding himself in so many different ways, and that is helping him to eat more.

No matter what is happening on the scale right now, I’m very proud of him. The improvement in overall food/milk consumption along with learning new ways to feed himself just have me in awe. He is constantly changing and learning, even if sometimes his physical growth is stalled.

A month and a half until our next official weigh in at his 15 month appointment. I can hardly wait for the day!

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