I only breastfed Lewis twice today!!!!!!!!

Morning feeds have been gone for a while, but we’ve been doing 3 times a day – before naps and bedtime.

Well I decided to be away from home for nap #2. I had fun things to do. And I didn’t feel like pumping either… so Kyle did nap time and I had fun. And my boobs survived it without any discomfort!

Amazing. Before you know it, we’ll be down to once a day. And then we’ll be done.

Remember when I used to nurse him between 8 and 12 times a day? Phew. I’m tired just thinking about it. Hehe.

Good work

My little piggy ate a huge breakfast this morning. I feel like my level of pride associated with watching him stuff his face is bizarre.

I also keep waiting for him to lose his appetite again. Like this can’t be real. But he keeps doing great, day after day. So it must not be a fluke after all!

Keep proving me wrong, kiddo. I’m loving this.