The first nap time without the boob arrived. I decided to keep with the pattern from yesterday and skip breastfeeding before kiddo’s second nap. The difference this time was that I was actually home for it.

I brought a cup of milk and we settled in the rocking chair. Kiddo chugged and snuggled.

It took a while, and eventually I had to hide the empty cup of milk so he’d stop asking for it, but I got the kid to sleep without the boob.

It’s just a small thing. He hadn’t typically been nursing to sleep anyway. More often he’d nurse and then chill for a while before falling asleep. But I’m still proud of us. This is a moment! A new phase for us!

I do hope he has a full enough belly. I’m struggling a little with that part of it… but I know I’m being silly. I should just be proud of us. Go team!