My left breast is faring much worse than my right. It is currently as big as the earth, with my nipple leaking like an active volcano.

So I had to hook up the pump again for some additional relief. I would say that reducing to one feed per day is not going smoothly so far.

Man… I’m beginning to think that there should be classes offered on weaning in addition to classes for breastfeeding. Or maybe people should just talk about this more so it isn’t so damn confusing and hard for first-timers.

Or maybe it should be part of some glorious lactation package where you get a dedicated consultant that you meet with a bunch when the baby is first born, every month or two the entire time you are breastfeeding, and then a bunch when you’re weaning. Some expert support would be helpful!

If I had someone like that in my life, I could leave my poor mother alone and stop texting her questions like, “what happens to milk that doesn’t come out? where does it go? does my body reabsorb it?” and random texts like, “my poor left boob” or “wow… women’s bodies are neato”.

P.S. my “poor left boob” is recovering nicely after a quick 1 oz pumping session. How can so very little milk cause so very much discomfort? …maybe I should text my mom to ask.

Soooo close

Weaning is hard. Sometimes literally. Like this morning at work when my breasts turned into rocks.

I skipped Lewis’ morning feeding in favor of a cup of milk, under the hope that I could cut out morning feedings entirely and go to a one-feeding-a-day schedule. Lewis munched on some freeze-dried strawberries (hands down his favorite food), and downed his cup of milk like a champion. He even drank half a refill! My boobs seemed fine until mid-morning… then ouch.

I was disappointed. I’m ready to wean. I even went so far as to try on bras yesterday at Target during my lunch break. I didn’t buy any, because my pancake-boobies deserve better than Target bras once weaning is over, but it just goes to show you how desperate I am to be done with breastfeeding.

I really miss bras.

Anyway… I set up my pump and got to it. The plan going into it was to only pump until the discomfort was relieved. I figured that would mean 2-3 oz each breast.

HUZZAH! I’m further along in the weaning process than I thought! I pumped 1 oz per breast and could no longer feel rock hard milk ducts in either breast. So I called it quits, and now I’m hoping I can make it to Lewis’ bed time.

I did manage to remember breast pads for both breasts this morning. So I’m protected if my plan goes sideways.

So hopeful that I’ll be able to cut the morning feeding/pumping completely within the next couple days. Go, body, GO!