Soooo close

Weaning is hard. Sometimes literally. Like this morning at work when my breasts turned into rocks.

I skipped Lewis’ morning feeding in favor of a cup of milk, under the hope that I could cut out morning feedings entirely and go to a one-feeding-a-day schedule. Lewis munched on some freeze-dried strawberries (hands down his favorite food), and downed his cup of milk like a champion. He even drank half a refill! My boobs seemed fine until mid-morning… then ouch.

I was disappointed. I’m ready to wean. I even went so far as to try on bras yesterday at Target during my lunch break. I didn’t buy any, because my pancake-boobies deserve better than Target bras once weaning is over, but it just goes to show you how desperate I am to be done with breastfeeding.

I really miss bras.

Anyway… I set up my pump and got to it. The plan going into it was to only pump until the discomfort was relieved. I figured that would mean 2-3 oz each breast.

HUZZAH! I’m further along in the weaning process than I thought! I pumped 1 oz per breast and could no longer feel rock hard milk ducts in either breast. So I called it quits, and now I’m hoping I can make it to Lewis’ bed time.

I did manage to remember breast pads for both breasts this morning. So I’m protected if my plan goes sideways.

So hopeful that I’ll be able to cut the morning feeding/pumping completely within the next couple days. Go, body, GO!

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