Growth Spurt?

The kid did stay asleep, and then I had to wake him up to take him to school. Always my least favorite thing to do…

And he isn’t the only one who wasn’t ready to get up this morning. *yawn*

In addition to teething, we have a second theory about the kid. We think he might be having a growth spurt! (woooo!)

He refused his morning nap yesterday by screaming and thrashing around. Once I had tried everything else, I figured he might be hungry (I thought I might have heard his tummy rumble… but who knows. He was screaming awfully loud). Instead of whipping out the boobies, since I’m trying so desperately to stop doing that, I took him downstairs for a snack. Well, a snack was not enough. The kid ended up eating a full-blown, gigantic meal. And then he was happy and the screaming didn’t come back. So… yea… he was very, very hungry. No wonder he couldn’t sleep!

Side note: we may also just be going down to 1 nap a day.

And last night’s waking was violent and loud as well. I was trying to keep my boobs in my shirt, but ultimately offered them to kiddo out of desperation after trying everything else. Then he fell asleep. Was it the boob effect? Or was he just starving?

Based upon the recent general spike in his appetite, I’d go with starving. He has been eating and eating and eating and eating!!! So maybe – just maybe – we’re finally putting the weight gain problem behind us. MAYBE. I am looking forward to his 15 month appointment in July to get an official weigh-in. I bet you he has packed on a few pounds and grown a couple inches. All this food has to be going somewhere!!!


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