The last time

If everything goes according to plan, we just finished our last nursing session of Lewis’ life.

Assuming I don’t end up in severe pain with engorgement that I can’t get through… this is it. The end.

Amazing. That was crazy, demanding, painful, joyful, special, important, magical, awe inspiring, difficult, and wonderful.

I can’t believe I could do that. 14 months and one day of breastfeeding my baby. I had no idea if I would have it in me. And there were so many times I didn’t think I could go on. But it was important to me for reasons I still don’t understand. And I pushed through and I did it.

We did it. Lewis and I. What a team. And even though this part of our relationship is over, we’re always going to be a team.

I’m sure there will be days when I miss breastfeeding and the tender bond and special moments that come with it. But I’m done. And I’m proud of us.

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