Whatever you need, kid

I have been struggling to get the kid to sleep. It is way past our bedtimes and frustration was sinking in.

But then he farted super loud, we both shared a laugh, and he fell asleep seconds later.

…well alrighty then.

We’re Done!

Breastfeeding is over, my friends. We’re finished. I’m officially dried up.

14 months and 1 day of breastfeeding my baby boy. And I didn’t have to throw in a mercy-feeding anywhere in the week since stopping. Not for his sake, and not for mine.

I experienced very little pain, and Lewis showed no signs of angst, so I was able to power through the mild discomfort I did experience.

Last Wednesday was the last feeding, and some pain did come up on Saturday/Sunday, but I was at the beach with my mom for a girls weekend, so I was sufficiently distracted and was able to ignore it. By yesterday I felt almost normal, and today – Tuesday – I feel no pain whatsoever. I do believe that I am “empty” now.

The stretch marks on my breasts are fading already, and I have begun menstruating again. Amazing how quickly that happened after the breastfeeding stopped. Nature’s birth control, indeed! (Also, hi. I am Fertile Myrtle! Nice to meet you!)

The weekend away with my mom was perfectly timed. A lovely way to mark the end of Lewis’ and my physical connection. I enjoyed my freedom by truly being free, even if it was just for one night.

The boys did just fine at home together, even if bedtime did end up being quite rough on them. I understand that Lewis (finally) began to regularly say “mama” in reference to me while I was gone, and he was definitely happy to see me when I got home, saying “mama” all the time even after I was back. What a special treat to arrive home to! I enjoyed my “freedom”, but I enjoy being home with my baby and my sweet, capable, supportive husband even more.

As I said to my mom… you know you’ve had the perfect trip when you’re ready to go home. It means you’ve done everything you set out to do. And I definitely left the beach feeling 100% satisfied. I didn’t need to stay longer, but I also didn’t need to leave sooner. I got exactly what I needed out of it, and it was time to go home to my family and start our new chapter.