Father’s Day

Today is father’s day.

We were supposed to have dinner at Kyle’s sister’s house, but before Kyle and his dad could get back from golfing, Lewis got a fever. We stayed a couple more minutes so Lewis could say hi to his gramps, but then I took the little guy home.

I picked up a slice of pizza for dinner, since suddenly I was without dinner plans. Lewis ate freeze dried strawberries, since the little sicky wouldn’t touch anything else.

It felt pretty sad to not be part of the father’s day celebrations. Especially because Kyle stayed for dinner, so we weren’t with him. But our little nephew is still really little, so as soon as we figured out the fever was there, it was time to hit the road.

Lewis seems to be okay, but he is having some trouble sleeping. I keep getting him down and then he wakes up a few minutes later. Clearly something is up.

I just desperately hope it isn’t an ear infection. Rooting for teething. He is due for molars anytime now.