Stomach flu

Welcome to our house, stomach flu. Now please go away.

This hasn’t happened since Lewis was old enough to eat solids. And it has never happened when I wasn’t in the same room as him, but I knew what the sound was over the monitor right away.

I dashed into his room and turned on the lights to find a very sad, very sticky baby.

He barfed again while I was undressing him. I grabbed Kyle for cleanup duty and went to sit in the bathtub with the kid. He barfed again.

At this point, I have vomit literally on my face. And plenty of other places too.

Kyle completes the sheet change and carpet cleaning, and laundry is started. He makes a throne for us out of the rocker by covering it with towels.

That’s where kiddo and I currently sit, both of us in our underwear.

I guess this is where I’ll be all night. He is asleep, and I’m not sure how to handle this, seeing as it is my first time. Do I put him back in his crib and go hose down/go to sleep? That doesn’t seem right… but sitting here sucks too.

I imagine getting sick myself is just a matter of time now. Lewis and I shared a spoon last night at dinner. And, of course, he vomited on my face. So there’s that…

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