Perfectly average

Kiddo had his 15 month checkup yesterday afternoon, and by almost all measures, he is perfectly average! 45th to 50th percentile for all physical measurements, on track for all motor skills, all body parts are healthy, social skills are normal. What a guy!

The only area where he stood out a bit was his language development. The doc asked how many words he had and I said I estimated about 20. Her jaw hit the floor! She said 15 month olds usually have around 5 words. So King Lewie is kicking some butt there.

Kyle and I could not be happier. He is gaining weight (slowly), and growing and learning. That’s all we want! We’re so proud that he is on track in all areas, and totally shocked and thrilled that he is ahead of the curve on something too.

The only thing the doc wasn’t 100% thrilled with was kiddo’s milk intake. She’d like to increase that a few ounces per day. So we have homework. It’ll be tough since Lewis knows he decides what he does and doesn’t eat/drink, but we will keep offering milk as much as possible, and that’s all we can do!

Additional developmental news from daycare: Lewis has started taking instruction very well, and will mostly listen when you tell him “no thank you”, which is how they have decided to redirect behavior. We mirror their techniques at home for consistency, and I have definitely noticed that verbal redirection really is starting to be more effective, and I find myself physically intervening much less frequently. What a rewarding milestone, and what a good boy!