Kiddo seems to have had a bad reaction to his 15 month shots. He’s been feverish today, and veryclingy.

We wanted to get a million things done around the house so it will be ready for our appraisal in 2 weeks, but because of veryclingy kid, we only did half a million.

He woke up from his afternoon nap after only 30 minutes, which isn’t nearly long enough. So I went in and he napped in my arms for an hour or so. It was the only way he would sleep. Like I said… veryclingy. And not a lot accomplished in that time.

He has been funny about naps lately in general. Some days he takes one and does smashingly. Other days he needs two or else. I guess we must be in a transition period, and flexibility is the name of the game. But with him feeling a little under the weather, there was no doubt today was a two nap day!

Hoping this silly fever is gone tomorrow and that my independent, energetic, happy kid is back.

Progress on the house continues tomorrow as well, with reinforcements in the form of Kyle’s dad. Out to the yard we go!

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