Molar Update

Last night, a discovery was made. We were at my mom’s for dinner, when she said that she could see where Lewis was getting his molar. This was interesting to me, since I had had to pull back his lip in order to see it myself, and I hadn’t caught my mom with her finger in Lewis’ mouth.

Well… Mom had seen some molar action in an entirely different spot: on the bottom. No manual exploration necessary when the kiddo laughs with his mouth wide open and gives you the show effort-free.

I fished around in his mouth to confirm, and sure enough! He is getting his bottom molars and his top molars at the same time.

What is that about, Mother Nature?! Only one on the top has popped through partially, as I mentioned previously, but you can feel the hard, distinct bulges on the bottom gums as well.

Kiddo has been waking up at 4:45 screaming for 4 days straight, but he has been sleeping well otherwise, and has been generally cheerful during the day. Nothing compared to the two days a couple weekends ago where he was sad all the time (although I am quite tired). This says to me that his molars will annoy him in general until they are working on actually popping through… at which time the entire world will end.

At least I know it is coming.

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