Before Pictures

I ordered some exercise videos, since going to the gym has not been easy. I have tried doing at-home video workouts before and given up after not very long. But I am feeling so motivated,  and I just can’t figure out a different way to enable myself to use that motivation regularly. Getting to the gym with baby duty and house stuff and work is just… way too hard, apparently. I want to go so badly, but after over a week of trying, I still haven’t gone.

And the videos aren’t a big investment, in the end. It’s a small risk, so even if it doesn’t work out (pun intended!), no big loss. Nothing compared to taking a gamble on the gym!

Anyway, I did my first workout today and I really enjoyed it. It was 25 minutes, and even with it being so short, I felt pretty good afterwards. It was challenging!

For further motivation, I took some “before” pictures so as I go I can see my progress. I’m not going to share those with the Internet at the moment, but I think they’ll do wonders for my personal motivation.

I showed them to Kyle, however, and he was horrified and told me that he needed to retake them. I had taken them in our fun-house full length mirror. “Fun” is definitely not the right word to describe what that thing shows you. I compared the pictures Kyle took to the ones I took in the mirror and let’s just say that that mirror does me no favors. Kyle was right – I do not need to live my life thinking that mirror is telling the truth.

Imagine that that mirror is the only resource I have to look at my body! What a terrible message to be sending to myself everyday! I thought it was a good tool to keep me on track with working out and eating right because I wouldn’t be satisfied with what I see, but after seeing how exaggerated things are in that mirror, I’m thinking it is more hurtful than helpful. I don’t think I could ever be satisfied by what I see in that awful fun-house mirror, even if I were in the best shape of my life.

I think we need to look into replacing it.

And I’m excited about my new videos and to watch my progression in my pictures!

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