My silly goose

Lewis has been hilarious lately, with the exception of his aversion to sleep. Below are some highlights of his new, fun habits.

1. He has started calling pretzels “choos” because we always say “chew, chew!” When he eats them. He sometimes needs the reminder with crunchy snacks. But the message is clearly being misunderstood.

2. They take naps on mats on the floor in the wobbler classroom at school. So now when we’re playing, sometimes he’ll throw a blanket on the ground, lay on it, and say “night night”. Over and over. So cute!

3. He wants to wear his sandals at all times. Just woke up in the morning? Grabs shoes and demands they be put on his feet. Just changed his diaper? “Shoe? Shoe?” They do make his feet stink, so wearing them all day long feels a little unnecessary. But he screams if you won’t put them on! And as soon as they’re on he is happy as a clam.

4. He has learned to fist pump and chant USA while watching the Olympics. His pronunciation leaves something to be desired, but he gets pretty into it!

5. When the Olympic gymnasts jump or flip, he busts out laughing. He thinks it is the greatest thing he’s ever seen.

6. We discovered he loves showers. So much so that he walks into the shower stall with his clothes on and just waits for us to get the party started.

I’m sure there are more adorable and amusing things kiddo has been up to. But I just got him down for a nap and I need to take one myself. 4 hours of sleep last night is just not going to cut it. So the list ends there for now!

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