In the moment

Lewis’ sleep issues and our busy schedule have been forcing me to live in the moment. I have been incapable of dwelling on anything, or looking too far ahead, because I’ve been so darn tired. It has also meant less blogging, since I’m too busy living.

Other than the whole exhaustion thing (and now a raging cold), it has actually been a nice lesson. Living in the moment, being present with my child, and being focused on the “now” is a lovely way to go about life.

It has meant that we closed on our refinance, spent time with family, did a whole lot of chores, got out of the house, exercised, worked, ate meals together, etc. without feeling stressed or hurried. We were just there, doing life.

If I pause for a moment and try to look at what is coming, we’re looking pretty good. Lewis’ 4th molar is making its way through, which means the light at the end of the sleeplessness-tunnel is very close. I will be paying off my student loans this Thursday. I will be attending my best friend’s bachelorette party after all, meaning I get a much-needed weekend away. And I connected with some moms in the area last week, and we have plans to meet up again next month.

Not too shabby. Now excuse me while I go back to living my life, instead of telling you about it. 🙂

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