Sizing up!

In addition to getting his 4th molar today, kiddo has officially sized up in our favorite clothing brand.

I’d say probably 80% of his clothes are from there, so this felt like a major milestone and a huge swap-out!

After noticing how his clothes were fitting, we weighed him this evening and he came in at a whopping 24.5 lbs. This is considerably more than we’ve ever clocked him at. And he is also able to reach things on the kitchen table almost to the center of the table, so he’s getting tall too!!!

Sigh… he’s so big. My tiny peanut is gone and this gigantic human boy is left in his place.

I don’t want to turn him back into a peanut, because I love him just the way he is, and even more for each inch he grows and each pound he packs on and each new trick he learns.

But sometimes I miss the old version of Lewis and wish that tiny Lewis and big boy Lewis could be here at the same time. Oh! How full my heart would be then!

This messy boy with the crazy hair is the proud owner of FOUR…

This messy boy with the crazy hair is the proud owner of FOUR MOLARS. That’s right, my friends. All the molars have popped through as of this afternoon. Hallelujah! 5 weeks of sleeplessness, screaming, and suffering (for all of us) are over!