Out of town

I was out of town in South Lake Tahoe this past weekend for my friend’s bachelorette party. I was down there from Friday through Monday, and Lewis was home with Kyle. The boys did great together. Lewis ate a ton, and with the exception of the last night, he even slept well for Kyle. Proud mama right here!

I enjoyed most of the trip. We did a lot of fun activities, and getting to know my friend’s other bridesmaids was really fun. But wow, travelling away from kiddo for that long was extremely difficult for me.

I’ve always thought I’d be the kind of mom who could get away and enjoy travelling just as much as I did when I didn’t have kids. That I wouldn’t be so glued to my children that I forgot how to enjoy the things I did before. Well, that’s not the way things worked out. I am so desperately in love with my baby that nothing else is more appealing than being together.

Kyle sent pictures while I was gone, which helped ease the ache a little bit. But the whole weekend I constantly had a nagging feeling that there was somewhere else I’d rather be.

I’m a little disappointed in myself. But I think I’m okay with letting that feeling go, because I just don’t have time or energy to try to be different than who I am. And apparently who I am is someone who would rather wrestle a screaming toddler, build block towers, clean food up off the floor, play with baby toes, tickle bellies, and change poopy diapers than disconnect and relax with some girls in Tahoe. 

That said, I’m glad I went. It was important to me to be there for my friend. And I have some good memories to keep with me forever. But I’m home now, and that feels right.