I have been stuck in the rocking chair with the kid for quite a while this evening. It has given me lots of time to think, and my mind wandered to what I would change in my life if Kyle and I both got huge sudden raises. 

The list isn’t crazy long. But they are things I think would make my life feel fuller, more manageable, and less chaotic.

  1. Bring back house cleaners (maybe even weekly?!)
  2. Get a massage once a month.
  3. Have another baby. (And take more than 6 weeks off…)
  4. Switch kiddo to a daycare closer to home.
  5. Have dinners delivered from Farm to Fit (you just heat them up, and they’re healthy!)
  6. Pay off all debts (not many left!)
  7. Get some color or highlights in my hair.
  8. Look into lasik for my vision. 
  9. Buy the pizza and ice cream that looks the yummiest, instead of the pizza and ice cream that is on sale.

Fun to dream. Speaking of dreaming… the kid finally fell asleep. Night night!