The child has slept 19 of the last 24 hrs. We just woke him up…

The child has slept 19 of the last 24 hrs. We just woke him up to get some fluids in him (success!). But he is too tired to eat his crackers. Got it to his mouth and then called it quits. 💗🤒💗

So much screaming

So much sleeping. So much screaming. So many calls to the doctor. So many doses of tylenol. So much confusion. So much doubt. 

Welcome to life with a sick toddler who can’t tell you what they are feeling. 

We ended up at the doctor again this afternoon after inconsolable screaming got us extra worried. Of course kiddo was calm and fine by the time we went and the doctor told us the same thing we’ve heard on the phone several times and at the doctors office on Thursday.

Watching and waiting is so much easier said than done when your child is flipping out and screaming, clearly suffering. 

I’m back in the chair with the kid. My heart hurts for him. He is so sweet and doesn’t deserve this. I wish I knew how to help him.

I need a shower, I have a million errands to run, laundry to…

I need a shower, I have a million errands to run, laundry to fold, and obligations looming… but I’ve never seen kiddo like this, and he is only peaceful if we are in the rocking chair. So sorry, real life, I have to do this right now. Which is arguably much more real than “real life”. #itcanwait

It’s baaaaack

Thursday night at bedtime was the last time we saw kiddo’s fever. 103.2 was the highest it got, and then with some tylenol it went away. 

Yesterday he was pretty grumpy, but fever free. And after a 3 hr nap and some good snuggles, Lewis started acting normal. He ate a little, was really good about staying hydrated, and was full of energy.

Well… he just woke up about 30 mins ago and his fever is back. And it is high. Almost 104°. I am totally freaked out. 

I hate to involve medical professionals unnecessarily, but there is something  completely unnerving about picking up your child and realizing that his skin is so hot that it almost hurts to touch him. He was literally the warmest human I’ve ever touched.

So I called the after hours line for his doctor, gave him some tylenol, and waited for a call back. They called less than 10 mins later, and kiddo had so much mucus in his throat that he actually threw up on me while I was on the phone with the nurse! But we determined that he didn’t need to come in tonight, since the fever had already started to come down with the tylenol.

She said to come in immediately if it shoots up to 105. And because it went away for a full 24 hrs and then came back, we have to go back to the doctor again tomorrow. Lucky for me they have Saturday hours!

Kiddo is in shorts and snuggling in my arms. He is dozing, and I’m hoping he will zonk out here pretty quick. But even if he doesn’t, I always say that my mommy-well runs deep when he is sick. I can sit here all night with him if he needs me to.