The kid was exhausted by 5:30 today. So we started bedtime and he fell asleep right away. Yet somehow I didn’t get him down in his crib until 7:00. He just kept screaming when I put him down.

I enjoyed some m&ms for dinner, because I have had an extremely difficult weekend and, well, I wanted m&ms.

At 7:30, I headed back up the stairs to go to bed. I never even made it to our bedroom, because the kid woke up as I was coming up the stairs.

AND GUESS WHAT. Not only was he screaming, but both of his eyes were oozing. 

Great. Pink eye.

Nothing I can do about that right now. The only thing I can do is try to figure out how the heck Kyle and I are going to manage the kid not being in daycare tomorrow when we both have meetings. 

(Texting your husband about whose meeting is more important from a rocking chair that has seen your ass more than he has lately is super romantic, by the way.)

And of course the kid has now started wincing and crying out when he coughs, so getting him to sleep again is going to be an absolute delight, I imagine. Especially since he is acting like I’m offering him poison when I try to give him tylenol. So the pain is here to stay. Hooray!