The weekend from hell is behind us. And you know what? NO PINK EYE!

We woke kiddo up this morning and his eyes were completely clear. The ooze last night must have just been related to his strange virus. So he is at school, completely exhausted, but physically fine (seemingly).

Getting kiddo to sleep last night was a marathon that involved a brief foray into co-sleeping, followed by force-feeding tylenol and then good sleep for all (in our own beds). Albeit not long enough, but at least it was quality sleep.

Waking a sleeping/sick child to go to school feels so rotten. I’ll never get over the feeling that I am doing something wrong as a mother when I have to do that. But c’est la vie, I suppose.

I am exhausted. Running on fumes. Wishing that “Dada” was equally good medicine for a sick child so I didn’t have to shoulder the entire burden all weekend, but also grateful for the bond I have with my child and that feeling connected to me is enough for him to find some comfort.

But even if I see that for how beautiful it is, I am tired above all else. I just really need a nap!

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