Give it time

I’ve had a little more time to think about “The Trump Thing” since my last post, and while I still feel the same way… I would like to add a couple things.

  1. Thank goodness we have three branches of government, and he doesn’t get to make all the decisions alone. I don’t anticipate him being very good at his job, but I do believe that there are other people in D.C. who are good at their jobs, and they will get us through the next four years, and hopefully keep Trump from turning his platform into reality. Checks and balances, people.
  2. I actually do wish that Trump would do a tremendous (ha!) job. I want him to surprise me. If he does a good job, it’s better for all of us.

All we can do now is wait and see. My values in my home stay the same, no matter who my president is. And I hope that the next 4 years aren’t as disastrous as they feel like they could be.

P.S. One more week until tube surgery! YAY!

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